ASIC Mixed Signal Design Flow (Video Course)

In these recorded sessions , you would be learning the concept of ASIC Mixed signal Design Flow in detail and Its significance . This course would help you to understand How Digital and Analog modules talk to each other and  what is the procedure involved , or should i say, How much of an effort it takes to setup a Mixed signal environment .There is a lot more to Analog and Mixed signal Flow , which goes in the background . Every setting done by the circuit Designer/ CAD / Enablement team impacts the execution of the Design . Course would make you understand the concepts ,giving you the tips and tricks based on our experience  to help you do your Job better .

Who can Benefit from this course ?

  • B Tech Students , M Tech Students , PHD candidates
  • For Job seekers , it would help in interview preparation
  • Working Professionals who would want to enhance their skill in profiles like (Standard cell Layout Design, Analog Layout Design, Memory Layout Design & IO Layout Design)
  • Things what you learn in this session, would help you improve the quality of work what you deliver
  • Candidates who are hungry for Knowledge and would want to know the Whole ASIC implementation

The topics covered are as below :

  • Overview of Mixed signal Design
  • Significance Mixed signal Flow / simulation ?
  • Technology in a Nutshell
  • Nature of Designs
  • How does it Work ?
  • Challenges in integration 
  • Mixed Signal Data Flow
  • Mixed Signal Flow
  • Mixed signal Extraction Flow 

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