Basic and Advanced Concepts in Physical Design Webinar (Video Course)

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Webinar Duration: 3.5hrs

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Industry Expert: Anshuman Anand

Anshuman Anand is a semiconductor design professional, with almost two decades of experience in the VLSI Industry. In his journey in the semiconductor landscape, Anshuman has delivered multiple digital ASIC silicons in various capacities. He has worked with leading EDA companies and design houses. A technologist at heart, he has a special passion for Design Flow Methodologies, SoC Implementation, and Physical Design. In this course, he will share his multiple years of experiential learnings in Physical Design, where he has seen technology shrink firsthand from 180nm to 22nm. 

The webinar will cover all the basic & advanced concepts in Physical Design

  • Basic device physics 
  • ASIC Design Flow
  • RTL Basics 
  • Logic Synthesis 
  • Timing constraints
  • DFT impact of logic synthesis 
  • Design Planning
  • Data Input
  • Floorplanning
  • Pin Assignment
  • Partitioning
  • Power Planning
  • Pre-placement
  • Placement
  • Timing Analysis 
  • Clock Tree Synthesis
  • Post CTS Optimization
  • Routing
  • Design rule checks 
  • Signal Integrity
  • Design handoff
  • Design Extraction
  • Physical Signoff
  • Power Signoff
  • Timing Signoff 
  • ECO Planning
  • Advanced hardening techniques
  • AI in Physical Design
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