Basics of STA and Timing Constraints – Webinar (Video Course)

By Vikas Sachdeva

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Industry Expert: Vikas Sachdeva (Vikas Sachdeva is a semiconductor design professional with more than 17 years of experience in the VLSI Industry. He has worked in design, development and deployment of multiple static and constraints products. )

What you will get

  • Opportunity to learn and ask questions from the best in the Industry
  • Lifetime access to webinar recording and notes.
  • A course completion certificate

The webinar will cover all basic concepts in Static Timing Analysis and Timing Constraints

  • Introduction to Static Timing Analysis
  • Timing Paths
  • Startpoint, Endpoint, Combinational Logic
  • Setup and Hold Check Definition
  • Understanding details of setup slack calculation
  • Multiple types of Timing Paths
  • Design Rule Checks
  • Timing checks on Async Pins
  • Clock Gating Checks
  • Timing Latches
  • STA in presence of Multiple Clocks
  • Timing Arcs
  • Cell Delays and Models
  • Impact of clock network on STA
  • Understanding Text Report in STA
  • Overview of SDC
  • Clock and Generated Clock Definitions
  • Clock Groups
  • Clock Characteristics Specification
  • Port Delays
  • Timing Exceptions
  • Other SDC commands
Setup Slack Calculation
Multicycle Paths

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