CDC Advanced Concepts (Video Course)

Prerequisite: Understanding of basic CDC

The course covers the following topics

  • Synchronizers and effects of metastability
  • Synchronizers – 2 depth, 3 depth and more, when do you need which
  • Basics and Details of MTBF
  • How to calculate MTBF for your chip, IP, Block
  • Synchronizing 1-bit signals
  • Passing multiple control signals
  • Handshake protocols – Efficient design & synthesis techniques
  • Data stability
  • Pulse Width Checks
  • Glitch Checks
  • Multi-clock FIFO design & Verification
  • Hidden assumptions in synchronizing FIFOs
  • Gray Encoding and Counters
  • Front End CDC Verification Flow
  • CDC verification in simulation and static tools
  • Backend CDC Verification flow
  • Ensuring Netlist is CDC clean and glitch free
  • Details of DFT impact of CDC paths in scan/shift and scan capture, tips and recommendations
  • Gate-level simulation for CDC, tips and recommendations
  • Physical Effects of CDC
  • Physical Requirements of synchronizer
  • Multiple Parallel Synchronizers – Physical Requirements, relative data and synchronizer requirements, design & verification
  • CDC Handshakes – Physical and timing requirements of req and ack
  • Physical effects – when is gray code no longer a gray code
  • Physical effects – Constraining FIFO paths
  • How to write constraints for CDC paths
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