About the Course

In these recorded sessions , you would be learning the concepts of ASIC DFM and IP Closure Guidelines in Detail . Its significance and the Flows . This course would help you to understand DFM concepts in depth and not just fix DRCs and LVS issues . The IP Closure guidelines are the checks what we do when we deliver the IP to the Enablement team or the PD team.  Making you understand the concepts and giving you the tips and tricks based on our experience  to help you do your Job better 

Who can Benefit from this course ?

  • B Tech Students , M Tech Students , PHD candidates
  • For Job seekers , it would help in interview preparation
  • Working Professionals who would want to enhance their skill in profiles like (Standard cell Layout Design, Analog Layout Design, Memory Layout Design & IO Layout Design)

The topics covered are as below :

  • What is DFM ( Design For Manufacturability ?)
  • Difference between DRC and DFM
  • Examples of DFM Checks 
  • Mixed signal Flow
  • IP Closure Guidelines 
  • Defining Analog ASIC Jobs , 
  • Who does What ?

Price: Special Offer, highly discounted for initial students

India: Rs 5000 discounted to Rs 1200

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India: $75 discounted to $19.95

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