Introduction to SoC Design and Architecture (Video Course)

The course covers the following topics

A Video Course

  • What is an SoC?
  • Inside an SoC
  • Advantages and Limitations
  • SoC vs CPU vs Microprocessor
  • SoC Design Flow
  • HW/SW Partitioning
  • SoC Examples – Tegra, Apple SoCs
  • Constituents of SoC (Processors, Memories, Protocol blocks, Mixed signal blocks, RF control blocks, Analog blocks, IP Cores)
  • How to choose RISC general purpose processor for your SoC
  • Building a SoC
  • Processor families
  • Cortex M0
  • On chip communication
  • What is a bus?
  • On chip buses
  • Bus topologies
  • Bus operations
  • AMBA system bus
  • AHB and AHB Lite
  • Network on Chips (NOC)
  • Peripherals in SoC
  • VGA Peripheral
  • UART Peripheral
  • GPIO Peripheral
  • Timer Peripheral
  • Interrupts in SoC
  • Cortex M0 – Interrupts mechanism
  • Assembly, Software and application development SoC
  • SoC software Interface
  • Device drivers
  • AHB Peripheral drivers
  • Application design and APIs
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