Logic Design Fundamentals (Video Course)

The course covers the following topics

  • Number system – Decimal, Binary, Octal Hexadecimal
  • Conversion from one number system to another
  • Binary Fractions
  • One’s complement, Two’s complement
  • Binary addition
  • Binary Subtraction
  • Logic Gates
  • Boolean Algebra – Basic identities, Commutative properties, associative properties, distributive properties
  • De Morgan’s theorems
  • Circuit equation simplification using boolean algebra
  • Equation to circuit
  • Circuit to equation
  • Min terms and Max terms
  • Sum of Products, Product of Sum
  • Karnaugh Maps – 2 variables, 3 variables, 4 variables
  • Combinational Circuits – Adders, Mux, Demux, Decoder, Encoder, ALU
  • Sequential Circuits – Flops, Rising edge-triggered, falling edge triggered, sync reset, async reset, active-high reset, active low reset
  • Memories – ROM, RAM, SRAM, DRAM
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