Low-power Methodology, Design and Verification (Written Course)

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The course is prepared by Industry Experts. The course starts at the basic level and then covers advanced topics in detail as well. Suitable for both newcomers and experienced professionals.

The course covers following topics

  • The need for low power
  • Low power methods
  • Multi Voltage Design
  • Power Gating – Architecture, Design and Challenges
  • Power Aware Design
  • UPF Basics
  • Power Aware library modelling
  • UPF Details
    • Power Domains
    • Power Supply Network
    • Power State Table
    • Isolation Strategies
    • Retention Strategies
    • Level Shifter Strategies
    • Repeater Strategies
  • RTL Simulation vs Power Aware UPF Simulation
  • Details of Power Aware simulation
    • Fundamentals of simulation
    • Power aware verification techniques
    • Testbench, Checkers and Monitors
    • Low power assertions
  • Power Aware Dynamic Simulation Coverage
  • Power aware static verification
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