Unix Training for VLSI Engineers(Video Course)

Duration: 4 hours

The course covers the following topics

  • Introduction
  • Basics of unix/linux system
  • Terminal
  • Files, directories, home, password, whoami
  • Shells
  • make, move, delete, copy files and directories
  • change folders, ls, permissions, changing permissions, size of files, hidden files, executable files, file links
  • processes, kill a process
  • memory usage
  • find command
  • redirectio, | (pipe), tee
  • .bashrc, .cshrc, PATH variable, other environment variables, user environment variables, EDITOR, DISPLAY, xhost
  • aliases
  • grep, sed, awk, regular expressions
  • Gvim text editor,
  • Basics of gvim
  • regular expressions and other operations in gvim
  • ssh and connecting to a server, process id,
  • LSF and LSF commands and options
  • sleep
  • shell scripting
  • FTP and sftp
  • makefile
  • Other useful and misc commands
STA Advanced

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