VLSI Design Flow Webinar Recordings (Video Course)

The course is prepared by Industry Experts. The course starts at the basic level and then covers advanced topics in detail as well. Suitable for both newcomers and experienced professionals.

The course covers the following topics

  • Semiconductor Market
  • Overview of VLSI Design Flow
  • Specification
  • Architecture
  • RTL Design and Behavioral Coding
  • Verification – Dynamic, Formal, Static
  • Logic Synthesis
  • DFT
  • Low Power
  • Equivalence Checking
  • Post Synthesis STA
  • Place and Route
  • SignOff STA
  • Other SignOff Checks
  • Gate Level Verification
  • ECO Flow
  • Fabrication
  • Packaging and Testing
  • VLSI Career Roles
VLSI Design Flow
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