VLSI Testing & DFT – Webinar (Video Course)

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The webinar covers all basic & advanced concepts in VLSI Testing and DFT

  • Introduction to VLSI Testing
  • Logic Simulation
  • Fault Modeling
  • Fault Collapse
  • Fault Simulation
  • Testability
  • Combinational ATPG
  • Sequential ATPG
  • Delay Test
  • Physical Failure Analysis
  • Design For Testability (DFT) Introduction
  • DFT Internal Scan Chains
  • DFT External Scan (JTAG)
  • Logic Built-In Self Test (BIST)
  • BIST Architecture
  • Test Compression
  • Memory Testing
  • Boolean Testing without Fault Model
  • Memory Diagnosis and Built-In-Self-Repair
  • Boundary Scan and Core-Based Testing
  • Analog and Mixed-Signal Testing
  • Upcoming Trends in Testing
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