Welcome to our comprehensive learning platform, where we offer a diverse range of educational resources and engaging experiences to help you master VLSI (Very-Large-Scale Integration) concepts. Here’s what we have carefully designed to enhance your learning journey:

Conceptual Videos courses, Written courses: Our meticulously crafted conceptual videos and written materials are tailored to cater to learners of all levels – from fundamental to advanced concepts. These resources provide a solid foundation and in-depth understanding of VLSI. Plus, with just one click, you can seek instant assistance from our instructors via WhatsApp.

Live Webinars and Workshops: Join our live webinars or 1-3 days interactive workshops conducted by experts in the VLSI field. The webinars are recorded, so even if you miss a session, you’ll have lifetime access to the recordings. Workshops offer a unique blend of recorded videos and live interactive group sessions giving you the opportunity to solve your doubts and queries live.

Bootcamps: Looking to dive deep into specialized VLSI topics? Our 3-4 week Bootcamps offer intensive, technical courses led by industry experts. You’ll have access to live lectures, recorded videos, and hands-on labs with essential tools. The Bootcamps are designed to be both educational and fun, incorporating storytelling and guided problem-solving to stimulate your natural curiosity and passion for learning.

With our diverse array of learning resources and expert guidance, you’re bound to excel in the world of VLSI and discover the joy of mastering complex concepts. So, join us today and embark on a rewarding learning adventure!

Video and Written Courses
Live Webinars and Workshops
Three to Four week Bootcamps


4 Week – complete hands-on bootcamp on RISCV
3 Week STA Bootcamp
TCL Bootcamp

Video and Written Courses

RISC-V Microarchitecture, Design (RTL) and Verification

RISC-V Processor Memory Systems

RISC-V Embedded Systems and IOs

Introduction to SoC Design and Architecture

Logic Synthesis Workshop
Introduction to Functional Verification

Complete CDC Workshop
Introduction to SVA and functional coverage

Logic Design Fundamentals
Comprehensive Computer Architecture
Free Course – Gate level Simulations

Digital Design with System Verilog (Video Course)
Introduction to Logic Synthesis (Video Course)
Unix Training for VLSI Engineers

VLSI Design Flow Webinar Recordings (Video Course)
STA Advanced Concepts Webinar Recordings (Video Course)
CDC Advanced Concepts (Video Course)

Low-power Methodology, Design and Verification (Video Course)
Digital Design With Verilog – 4 Day – Workshop
UPF Detailed Course

Source: Google Cloud
Hardware for Deep Learning Webinar (Video Course)

Low Power Methodology, Design & Verification

Free preview Low power course
Basics of STA and Timing Constraints – Webinar (Video Course)

VLSI Testing & DFT Webinar (Video Course)
Basic and Advanced Concepts in Physical Design Webinar (Video Course)
Advanced Timing Constraints (SDC) – Webinar (Video Course)

Advanced Concepts in Physical Design (Written Course)
CDC Concepts Webinar (Video Course)
Basics of Physical Design (Written Course)

Static Timing Analysis (STA) Basics (Written Course)
Clock Domain Crossing Design & Verification (CDC) (Written Course)
Timing Constraints (Written Course)

ASIC Parasitics Extraction
ASIC Mixed Signal Design Flow
ASIC Physical Verification

Introduction to Formal Verification (Video Course)
Basics of Python

Tcl (Video Course)
Perl Basics (Written Course)
Basic Concepts of Machine Learning and Neural Networks (Video Course)

1-1 Mentoring

For the first time in the industry 1-1 mentoring for VLSI professionals. The mentoring is done using 1-1 video chat and each session is 45 minutes.

How this works

  • Once you pay for the session, our team contacts you and get your details or Linkedin profile
  • Our team matches your profile with an appropriate mentor available
  • Our team sets up a 1-1 45 minutes video call between you and the mentor

Book a 1-1 Mentoring session for Rs 9999

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